Parent Engagement October-December 2022

The Head Teacher has attended number of Parent Council meeting and parent engagement sessions at Musselburgh Grammar School, Pinkie St. Peter’s Primary School and Wallyford Primary School.

Opportunities for all parents and carers to help to shape the identity of Wallyford Learning Campus have included:

  • In-person events
  • Google Forms
  • Google Meets

Letter 1 sent to eligible families: Big Questions Themes 1 and 2

Theme 1: Our school’s purpose

Parents at the Theme 1 session were asked to consider questions such as, ‘What are schools for?’ and ‘What does a good school look like?’ Their responses, as well as those offered through the Google Form consultation, identified the key themes below:


We will continue to revisit these themes as we develop aspects of our School Improvement Plan, including our school values, ethos, and relationships.

A summary of the ideas shared can be read or viewed here:

Parent Feedback on Theme 1: Our school’s purpose

Google Meet Update Recording 17/11/22


Theme 2: Our school community

The graphics below give a summary of both in-person discussions and information shared via Google Forms.

What sort of young people do we want our school to produce?

What should our top priorities be in Year 1?

What community links should we be building?


Parent feedback on Theme 2: Our school community

Google Meet Update Recording 28/11/22

Letter 2 sent to eligible families: Big Questions Themes 3 and 4


Theme 3: Our school identity

The graphics below give a flavour of some of the conversations and written feedback around the topic of identity.

How would you describe your area? And how do others describe it?

What should our school be called?

This one is hard to distil into graphic form as the answers were split between having Wallyford in the title, and definitely not having Wallyford in the title! Young people are currently coming up with and discussing alternatives, so specific options can be offered in the new year.

What are your thoughts on school uniform?

The graphic below focuses on the most commonly used adjectives, with full data available using the link underneath.

Parent Feedback on Theme 3: Our school identity

Theme 4: Our learning

The graphics below capture some of the main talking points from both the in-person session and the Google Form submitted on this topic.

What are the most important things to do and learn in school?

What does a good learning experience look like?

What subjects should we prioritise in the curriculum?

Parent Feedback on Theme 4: Our learning

Google Meet Update Recording 14/12/22

Parent surveys

From January 2023, there will also be opportunities to take part in a range of surveys around the school identity, including:

  • The school name
  • School colours/badge/Houses
  • Vision and values