Parent Engagement January-March 2023

Keeping in touch

Please continue to send any queries to where they will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Please note that there is not currently capacity to respond to queries via social media or the website.

Google Form Surveys: Have Your Say

Please note that our Google surveys from this term have now closed. There has been a really strong response rate and the data is being analysed on an ongoing basis.

The Dress Code survey summary points are available here: Dress Code Summary Data

The Vision and Values Summary points are available here: Vision and Values Summary Data

The School Name/House name summary points are available here: School Name and House Name Summary Data

Parent Engagement Group

Although we can’t form an official Parent Council until our school opens in August, we are really keen to start connecting with our parents in a systematic way as we move into the final stages of the build and a full transition for young people. We absolutely appreciate that busy home and work life means that not everyone has capacity to commit to more that the occasional survey. However, if you would like to be considered for a series of focus group in the summer term, we would love to hear from you. These will take the form of 3/4 online Google Meets in the evenings. There would be no obligation to attend all sessions.  Please add your details to this link if you think you can help:

Parent Engagement Group

Update presentations

The new Senior Leadership Team, along with the Head Teacher, will continue to engage with parents through Parent Councils in partner schools and other appropriate means. This will include a range of update presentations, which will be collated here:

Parent Council Update January 2023

Parent Meeting: Severe and Complex Needs Provision 24th January 2023

Parent Council Update February 2023

Meet the SLT

Parents and carers had the opportunity to attend our ‘Meet the SLT’ session on the 16th March. Our slides can be accessed here: Meet the SLT

You can also view the recording here: Recording of Meet the SLT

We are aware that some parents had difficulty in accessing the Meet on the 16th March. If you use an email (your child will have one), you go straight in to the meeting. If you use a different email, that’s still fine; however, you go into a waiting room and need to be ‘clicked in’ by the host. When a presentation starts, the waiting room can no longer be seen by those in the Meet. We will always wait at least 5 minutes before starting a presentation but, if you can’t access a Meet on time, we won’t see you without an address. We hope this helps for future occasions.