Parent Engagement April-June 2023

Parents and carers had the opportunity to complete our Rosehill School Travel Survey in April. This asked for feedback as to:

  • The travel options young people are likely to take
  • Any perceived barriers to sustainable travel
  • Suggestions as to how we can make sustainable travel options more appealing

These suggestions have helped to inform the first draft of our school travel plan, which is available here:

Rosehill High School Travel Plan 23-24 (Draft)

This is a working document that has been completed with input from the school design team. We will update this during the session as we get to know more about patterns of travel in our new school population.

Ms Preston and Mrs. Fleming attended Wallyford Primary Parent Council on Tuesday 2nd May and provided a number of updates on the new building and associated transition activities. To ensure that this information is accessible to everyone, a link to the slides with key messages is here:

Parent Council Update 2nd May 2023

Our second Parent Engagement Group took place on Wednesday 3rd May, with the key them of home/school communication. Slides from the Engagement Group are here:

Parent Engagement Group: Home/school Communication

As promised, we have used our discussions therein to help us to pull together a draft ‘one page policy’ on communication between home and school.

Communication between home and school (DRAFT)

Our third Parent Engagement Group took place on 15th May and focused on tracking, monitoring and reporting. We are keen that these activities are focused on regular, informative, low stakes communication to ensure that we are working in genuine partnership with our families. The slides that were used to start the discussion are included here, for information:

TMR introductory slides

We have also included a brief summary of the key discussions points here:

TMR summary points

Our final Parent Engagement Group of this session took place on 7th June and focussed on character education. The sessions slides are here:

Character Education

A lot of our approach is influenced by the work of the  Association for Character Education

The concept of character caught, sought and taught will be regularly explored with our young people through Homeroom, My World and a range of of other curricular inputs.

We intend to continue our informal Parent Engagement Group in session 23-24. An invitation to join this will be issued once we are in the building in August.

We will also be establishing out Parent Council for the first time, which can only happen once we are opened and pupils are enrolled. To this end, we are working towards a session with our ELC Parent Engagement Officer at the end of August. More details on this will be shared ahead of the event.

We look forward to continuing to work with the parent forum as we move into the next stage of the school’s development.