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Prelim 2011 Timetable


Wed 19th Jan   SG General:           1.35 – 3.05 in hall

Mon 24th Jan   SG Credit:               1.35 – 3.05 in hall

Mon 24th Jan   Higher Bio:            1.05 – 3.05 in hall

Fid 28th Jan     Intermediate 1:    8.40 – 10.10 in hall

Wed 2nd Feb     Psychology:           1.05 – 3.35 in hall

Intermediate 2 Bio and Adv. Higher Bio to be taken in class in February.

Good luck and remember to ask for help if you need it!

Revison and Support Classes

Revision should be well underway in preparation for the prelims after the Christmas Holidays. Remember if you’d like some extra help, or just a quiet place to practice past papers and revise, the biology department offers lots of lunchtime and after school classes.

Dr. McKendrick: Monday after school

Dr. Kennedy: Tuesday after school

Miss Latham: Monday lunchtime &  Wednesday after school

Miss Murdoch: Thursday lunchtime

We’d be happy to see you at any of these support sessions 🙂