National 4

National 4 Biology is an internally assessed course that does not require pupils to sit an end of year exam.

Assessment occurs throughout the school year in the form of Key Area knowledge and understanding tests; a numeracy test; an Investigation write up; a TopicalĀ Report; and a Value Added Unit, which involves the pupils researching a given topic to report back on.

The course is made up of three units and covers the following topics:

Cell Biology

Cell Division

DNA, Genes & Chromosomes

Therapeutic Uses of Cells

Enzymes & their use in Industry

Properties & Uses of Microbes


Factors Affecting Respiration

Controversial Biological Procedures


Multicellular Organisms

Sexual & Asexual Reproduction

Plant Propagation

Commercial Plant Use

Genetic Information

Growth & Development

Physiological Control


Life on Earth


Human Impact on Biodiversity

Nitrogen Cycle

Environmental Impact of Fertilisers

Adaptations for Survival

Learned Behaviours











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