National 5

Why Biology?

Biology is the science of living things. This course covers tradional areas such as Human Physiology, Ecology and Evoluon but also includes developing areas of Biology such as Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. These newer sciences are at the cuttng edge of research and will increasingly have a significant impact on our everyday lives as well as having a major contribution to the Scottish economy. Through experimentaton you will investigate biological processes and acquire knowledge of their importance in the living world. Biology develops skills in practical science and critcal thinking.

All Natonal Qualificaton courses in Biology follow the same course structure (the units are outlined below). National 5 is designed for those pupils that have worked through the level 3 outcomes in S2 comfortably, and who have developed skill in the problem solving elements of science.

Entry to this course based on prior knowledge and approval of the principle teacher of science.

What is the course about?

The course work is divided into 3 Main units of work undertaken over 1 year. These are:

UNIT 1: Cell Biology

  • Transport across cell membranes                                                   U1CP1-2_SelectiveTransport_ksm
  • Producing new cells                                                                            
  • DNA production of proteins and genetic engineering                              
  • Chemical energy in cells                                                                     

UNIT 2: Multicellular Organisms

  • Cells, tissues and organs
  • Control of biological processes                      diagram-medical-picture-of-the-heart
  • Reproduction and inheritance
  • The need for transport
  • Health and disease

UNIT 3: Life on Earth

  • Biodiversity and the distribution of life
  • Energy in Ecosystems                                                                                             
  • Techniques used to study organisms and the environment           
  • Adaptation, natural selection and the evolution of species                              pyramid_of_biomass
  • Human Impact on the Environment

How will I be assessed?

If you are successful in all the National 5 Outcomes you will be presented for an SQA assessment in May.

What follow‐on courses could I take in S5 and S6?

  • Higher Biology (if Nat 5 is passed at A/B level)
  • National 5 in Chemistry or Physics

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