Health and Food Technology

Pupils in S3 and S4 will complete three units to achieve National 4 and 5 Health and Food Technology. The three units are:

  1. Food for Health
  2. Food Product Development
  3. Contemporary Food Issues

The Food for Health unit will develop knowledge and understanding of the link between food, nutrition and health, the importance of having a balanced diet and will develop an understanding of the dietary needs of groups of people and the effect of diet-related conditions on health.

The Food Product Development unit will develop knowledge and understanding of the stages involved in developing food products and the functional properties of the ingredients in food.

In Contemporary Food Issues pupils will look at technological developments and contemporary food issues which may affect consumers’ food choices. This will include food labelling and Consumer organisations that protect the interest of the consumer.

Practical activities will allow pupils to produce food products which take account of issues in each of the topics studied.