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Work for Mrs McNaughton’s Geography classes

 Advanced Higher – you should be using the time to write some sections of your first draft of your Geographical Issue.  I know that you may not have the Introduction and other parts at home but you can still work on your other sources and then put it together next week.

5A – details on Malaria research are further down the list of posts

 3A – I will expect your homework, due for Thursday 2nd, in on Wednesday when I see you – the Scattergraph sheet.  Revision suggestions are further down the list of posts

2W2 – don’t forget that you have homework for me for Monday – research questions on Kenya – you’ve all had lots of time to find the answers now!

2W1 – you will be tested on the Savanna soon.  Use the time to do some research on the internet as I know that you don’t have your folders and jotters at home

 1W1 – you could do some preparation for you local community questionnaire – write some questions that you might include in your questionnaire aimed at finding out how much use people make of particular facilities in your town/village and also what they would like to be provided in the future

Work for Mrs Scott-Watson’s German classes


Revise adjectives and description words for next week.


 Those of you who still have a writing or a speaking test to do on “Die Ferien” make sure you have it prepared for the first day back.


 Make sure you have finished your “Meine Schule” essays.

 Print off the worksheet if you can and use the vocabulary sheet top help you do it. Work on the other activities in this topic.

 Check out read and article in German, see how much of it you can understand and then check the translation by switching the language to English. You can also watch Euronews online on this site. Set the language to German.


Higher German Practice Papers p.15 Passage 4 – “Meine Mutter behandelte mich wie ein Kind”

 Make sure you bring the redrafted  “Meine Familie” essay with you on Monday.

 Go on to and read an article or two that interests you in German. Try and summarise the article before switching the language to English. Listen to the news on this site, too. Don’t forget to set the language to German!