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National Poetry Day 2015


This year’s theme is LIGHT, marking the UN International Year of Light 2015. The following poem by Margaret Tait considers what light is:

Did you say it’s made of waves?

Yes, that’s it.

I wonder what the waves are made of.

Oh, waves are made of waves.

Waves are what they are,



Rhythmical movement which is the inherent essence of all things.

Ultimately, there’s only movement,

Nothing else.

The movement that light is

Comes out of the sun

And it’s so gorgeous a thing

That nothing else is ever anything unless lit by it.

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“Lights will guuuuuuide you home” from Coldplay is a definite favourite!

Holocaust Memorial Presentation


On 26th May, Mr Reynolds, Mr MacLean and Mrs Barbour were guests of honour at the presentation of an art work commemorating the Jewish children who were victims of the Holocaust during the 2nd World War. The colourful canvas was the result of a collaboration by Mrs Gollan’s English class 1Y1 after being inspired by reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and hearing about her visit to Auschwitz in September 2014.

You can watch the full presentation and read more about the project here

Coming up next on Sky… Ross High

Thirty S2 students were this week given a sneak peak at the new Sky Academy Skills Studios in Livingston, West Lothian.


IMG_4530Sky Academy Skills Studios is an interactive learning experience that takes schools behind the scenes at Sky. Students build life skills by using Sky’s state-of-the-art technology to make a TV news report on subjects being studied through the curriculum.

The students had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Sky, seeing the Contact Centre, learning about different job roles and discussing the skills they require to work there.

Click here to see more photos from the trip.

IMG_4494Students then worked in teams to produce segments of a news bulletin taking on roles such as director, presenter, editor, scriptwriter and camera operator.

Have a look at the students’ impressive bulletin all produced within a few hours:


Ross Rocks Reading

Ross Rocks Reading is an exciting and innovative challenge for Ross High Cluster schools and their communities to get more involved with reading. During the launch of the initiative on Tuesday, the 9th of September, community members and pupils came together to share the books that they have been reading and what books they are looking forward to reading.

For up to date info why not check out


Here is video footage of the launch event.