Free School Meals

The main issue for our young people who want to have a school meal is that they want to stay with their friends who go to the High Street for their lunch break and not miss out by going to the school canteen.

The following bullet points highlight how they can choose to have a school meal and not miss out.

Some pupils are entitled to Free School Meals FSM, the bullet points below are supportive for these young people as well.

  • Pupil do not need to miss out when their pals go down the street. School meals can be accessed at break/lunch with the ‘Grab and Go’ option.
  • Grab a school meal at break put it in your bag and eat it with your pals at lunchtime.
  • Getting a Free School meal is confidential, no one knows, the money is put directly onto the young person’s card
  • FSM are worth £2-40 a day but if you don’t use it you lose it!
  • The quality of school meals is excellent and at least as good as our local high street shops
  • School meals provides soft drinks in popular branded bottles that are tasty and good for learning/living
  • The menu for school meals can be accessed with a single click or via the link on the school website
  • Grab a Panini or a Pizzini or something that appeals with a soft drink at break and everyone is happy!
  • To find out what your child is having for school meals follow the pathway online. Visit, Click Pay for it online then SchoolPay Sign into account with child’s card no. click on your child’s name to see details


Below is the link for the application form for Free School Meals. Paper copies of the form can be collected from the school reception.