Revision Resources



iMindMap – App to help build digital mindmaps that can be accessed anywhere or printed out for revision.

Brainscape – App that enables you to create decks of digital flashcards you can revise from anywhere.

Websites – BBC Bitesize – An excellent general resource with course-specific guidance for most subjects. – Khan Academy – A comprehensive set of video lessons and supporting exercises to revise maths and science. – SQA Past Papers – Exams from previous years from the Scottish Qualifications Authority. The best way to practice before your exam.



Forest – A popular app that offers incentives to avoid using your smartphone during revision periods.

Freedom – Software that works on all devices and enables you to block certain distracting sites such as facebook during study periods.

Exam countdown – This app helps you keep track of all your exam dates and reminds you how many days you have before each one.

Websites – Website with many excellent tools to aid revision. Create a study plan using their template. – One of many websites that generates soothing background noise that aids focus. – If you focus better with music on, then might be a better choice.