As the Head Teacher of Ross High School I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit our website and find out about our school. At Ross High School, we firmly believe pupils should be provided with the highest quality of education in a climate where they are safe, valued and treated with dignity and respect. Our aim is to ensure your child is supported to develop into:

•A successful learner who values their learning which equips them with qualifications and skills for life

•A responsible citizen who is able to fulfil their potential and see their place in the world

•An effective contributor who is able to share their opinions and experiences while respecting others

•A confident individual who is able to achieve their personal and academic goals

We look to maximise the potential in ALL pupils. After their years in our school we would hope to have developed solid, well-adjusted and educated citizens with strong moral values. As such our young people are well equipped to cope with the demands of modern society. In partnership with yourselves and the wider school community we can all be confident in great success.