Ross High Pupils Achieve Success in UKMT Challenge


Pupils at Ross High School have achieved 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze certificates in the “May 2014 UKMT Junior Maths Challenge”. This Maths Challenge is written and marked by staff at the University of Leeds. It is hosted by teaching staff in classrooms throughout the UK. Over 240,000 pupils from across the UK sat the “Junior Maths Challenge” with roughly the top 6% receiving a Gold certificate, the next 13% received a Silver certificate and the next 21% received a Bronze certificate. Approximately 1200 of the top students are then invited to sit the follow-on competition which is called the “Junior Mathematical Olympiad Round”. Well done to our noteworthy achievers!

David Coventry 2W2 = “Best in Year”, “Best in School”, Invited to participate in “Junior Mathematical Olympiad Round”, Gold Certificate

Elspeth Nicol 2W1 = Gold Certificate

Elise Wilkinson 2W1 = Silver Certificate

Peter Kennedy 2F2 = Silver Certificate

Jordan Smith 2S1 = Bronze Certificate

Kiara Marsh 2S2 = Bronze Certificate

Salman Chaudhry 2F2 = Bronze Certificate

Hayley Flanagan 3W2 = “Best in Year”, Gold Certificate

Rose Murdoch 3W1 = Gold Certificate

Ross Clark 3F3 = Silver Certificate

Sarah Rothon 3W2 = Silver Certificate

Kyle McFadden 3F1 = Bronze Certificate

Matthew Spencer 3S1 = Bronze Certificate

Jake Beveridge 3S2 = Bronze Certificate

Lee Grant = Bronze Certificate