Maths Higher

Course Outline

The Higher Maths course is broken up into four units as detailed below. A lesson by lesson plan for the entire session can be found on the website if you would like more information

Unit 1

  • Straight Line
  • Vectors
  • Polynomials & Quadratics

Unit 2

  • Circle
  • Differentiation
  • Functions & Graphs

Unit 3

  • Further Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Integration

Unit 4

  • Log & Exponential Functions
  • Recurrence Relations
  • The Wave Function

Notes & Resources

You will be provided with a set of printed notes for the entire course. These will be issued in a booklet format for each of the topics above. There will be blank spaces provided for worked examples as directed by your teacher. If you are absent it is your responsibility to catch up on missed work. You are asked to provide a ring binder in order to store your notes safely. You will also be issued with a textbook and blank jotter. All of these items are required for every lesson.


Homework and Assessment

Homework will be issued on a weekly basis. It is a requirement of the course that this is completed. In order to cope with the workload you will also need to finish off textbook exercises at home. In total you should look to complete a minimum of 3 hours of work at home each week.

Assessments will take place at the end of each unit. In addition to your unit tests you will undertake a Prelim Exam in January followed by the Final Exam in May. The Final Exam will consist of two papers: a non-calculator paper worth 70 marks with duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes and a calculator paper worth 80 marks for 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Online Resources


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