Maths National 5

National 5 Mathematics


Course Overview

The SQA National 5 mathematics course has been designed to replace both the existing Credit Level Standard Grade Course and Intermediate 2.

The National 5 course structure is similar to that of Intermediate 2. Students will study 3 Units of work within the course. These are EXPRESSIONS & FORMULAE, RELATIONSHIPS and APPLICATIONS. Within each unit there will be a mixture of calculator and non-calculator questions.

The topics within each unit are as follows:-

EXPRESSIONS & FORMULAE: – Approximation & Rounding, Surds, Indices, Algebraic Expressions, Algebraic Fractions, Gradient of a Straight Line, Arcs and Sectors and Volume of Solids

RELATIONSHIPS:- Straight Line Graphs, Equations & Inequalities, Simultaneous Equations, Formulae, Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic Equations, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Properties of Shapes, Similar Figures and Trigonometric Functions

APPLICATIONS:- Using Trigonometry, Vectors, Percentages, Working with Fractions, Comparing Distributions and Scatter Graphs


The course will be externally assessed via two examinations. The first exam paper will be a non-calculator paper lasting 1 hour worth a total of 40 marks. The second paper will be calculator based lasting 1 hour 30 minutes and is worth 50 marks. In addition to the external assessments, students will take three unit tests in class. These unit tests will be used to help monitor the progress of all students as they progress through the course.


Entry Requirements

Students will be expected to hold a qualification at National 4 Maths or equivalent in order to study this course.