Parents’ Forum AGM – Tuesday 30th September 2014

All parents and carers are invited to come along to the Parents’ Forum AGM at the school on Tuesday 30th September 2014.  The meeting will be held in the large conference room at the school (turn left behind the janitors’ office after coming through the main school entrance) at 7.00pm.  Refreshments will be provided and Parent Council members – parents, teachers and local Councillors – will be able to let you know what the Parent Council has been doing over the past year.

Change to Constitution

At the Ross High School Parent Forum AGM held on 27th September 2011 it was proposed and seconded that the Constitution be changed so that the membership will now be a minimum of 6 parents (previously 8).

If any member of the Parent Forum has any objections to this change please let us know before our next meeting which is being held on Tuesday 25th October 2011 , otherwise the new constitution will be lodged with East Lothian Council after this meeting.

The Parent Council can be contacted at ;-