Being a Member of the Parent Forum

Every parent or carer who has a child attending a local authority school will automatically be a member of the Parent Forum of the school.

As members of the Parent Forum, parents can expect to receive information outlining what they might expect in terms of partnership and involvement in their child’s school education, as well as how they can be involved in decisions about the Parent Council. Parent Councils are the representative body for the Parent Forum and replaced school boards from August 2007.

In short, the Parent Council exists to obtain the views of the Parent Forum and act in accordance with its consitution, to encourage Parental Involvement. As a member of the Parent Forum you have direct access to all meetings, minutes and members of the Parent Council, who will lobby on your behalf and seek assistance for you and your child’s education. The Parent Forum has an Annual General Meeting every year, usually in the first term. All parents and carers will be invited to attend, hear the progress of the Parent Council, learn about how to get involved, the financial statement of the Council and ask questions.

The Parent Council is particularly keen to make sure you are fully involved in your child’s education and meeting with the Parent Council is one way of doing that. This website has been designed to give another easy way of accessing your council members and keeping updated with the work of the Parent Council, offering suggestions, ideas and assistance.

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