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LATEST  ! 5th April 2009

Some of you may have seen the detailed information released this week by the Scottish Government relating to the new Education system which will be enrolled. No doubt you may have heard of it already – “the CURRICULUM FOR EXCELLENCE”. This was launched by the Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop on Wed 1st April.

This is a completely new education system which will effect all children, in Scotland, in full time education between the ages of 3 – 18. Like all new systems there will be a roll out time and clearly an overlap with regard to ongoing systems. In relation to Secondary Schools, this will impact on children who are currently at P-6 level. Rather than have me ‘rabbit on’ I thought the easiest way would be to link you to the Education Dept website which has detailed information. Have a good read through in your own time. If there are any questions that you feel that the PC may be able to help with, please drop one of us a line.