S5/6 Physical Education – Higher

Mandatory Units

  • Physical Education: Performance Skills (Higher)
  • Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance (Higher)
  • Course assessment

The main aims of the Course are to enable the learner to:

  • Develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills, and demonstrate them safely and effectively across a range of challenging contexts
  • Select and apply skills and make informed decisions to effectively perform in physical activities
  • Analyse factors that impact on performance
  • Understand how skills, techniques and strategies combine to produce an effective performance
  • Analyse and evaluate performance to enhance personal effectiveness

How you will be assessed:

  • Component 1 – performance 60 marks; this will be marked internally by your teacher.
  • Component 2 -question paper 40 marks; this will be sat as an exam and marked externally by the SQA.

Total marks:  100 marks

  • To gain the award of the Course, the learner must pass all the Units as well as the Course assessment. Course assessment will provide the basis for grading attainment in the Course award.

Recommended entry

Learners would normally be expected to have attained the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the following or equivalent qualifications and/or experience:

  •  National 5 Physical Education Course or relevant component Units


This Course or its Units may provide progression to:

  •  Advanced Higher Physical Education Course
  •  Higher National Certificates
  •  Higher Education degrees
  •  Further study, employment and/or training

What careers are there in PE.

There are an unlimited number of careers for which studying PE is beneficial – either in sport itself (such as Sport and Recreation Management or Sports Coaching) or any career where critical thinking, analysing data, clear communication & organisational skills, working well with others and leadership are valued.

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