National 5

S4/S5 National 5 Physical Education

The National 5 course has replaced Standard Grade Physical Education. It is very different from the Standard Grade course, however, it has much better links and transition into the Higher course.

This course will provide pupils with the opportunities to improve their performance in a range of activities. You will be able to select activities most suited to your ability. Throughout the course you will be developing skills to:

  •   Identify factors impacting on performance
  •   Improve overall performance
  •   Enhance performance appreciation
  •   Evaluate Self and Peer performances
  •   Have the knowledge required to improve performance
  •   Provide and seek different forms of feedback
  •   Enhance vital social and emotional skills

Entry Requirements:

Entry to this course will be at the discretion of the PE department. Pupils will be expected to bring full, appropriate kit to every lesson and should have a competent standard of ability. It is recommended that they have completed the S3 Performance Course, however, this is not mandatory.

What is the course about?

The course is based around three main activities, each of which will involve you working through a different cycle of analysis; skill based, fitness based and strategies based. You will be required to identify factors impacting on performance, and then complete a training program which you will later evaluate to see if any improvements in performance have been made. The majority of the course is spent gaining vital knowledge of how to carry out these processes effectively using different methods of gathering information on performance and different methods of training to improve performance. You will do this through practical experience and personal research by first learning about factors impacting on performance.

How will the pupis be assessed?

There are four units that you will be assessed on:

  • Course Assessment – This unit consists of 2 one of performances worth 60% of your overall grade. In each performance you will be marked out of a total of 30 marks. You will have to plan and prepare for this performance, perform to the best of your ability and evaluate it effectively. This is assessed internally by the PE department. The pupil is able to choose a wide variety of options for their one off performances. It does not have to be a sport that is covered internally by the school during the year.
  • Portfolio – This unit is marked externally by the SQA Examiners and is worth 40% of your overall grade. The Portfolio is made up of questions asking you about the factors impacting on your performance and the cycle of analysis. All questions are based around the practical experiences in lessons and will test all learned knowledge throughout the course. This unit is NOT done as an exam, but during course time.
  • Factors Impacting Performance – This unit is an internal assessment which is a workbook of 9 outcome standards that you must complete prior to the completion of the final Portfolio. Each outcome is marked by your teacher as pass or fail, and all outcomes must be passed in order to complete this unit.
  • Performance Skills – This must be passed in at least two activities. You must pass 6 outcome standards in each activity. This is assessed internally by your teacher.

What follow on courses could the pupils take in S5 and S6?

A pass at National 5 would be an entry level for our very popular and successful Higher Physical Education course.

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