Our November precept

On Friday,17th November 2017 p5/6/7 did the monthly precept from the class novel called Wonder by R.J Palacio . Augie’s  English  class with Mr Brown did precepts and we are doing the ones from the book. This week we did HAVE NO FRIENDS NOT EQUAL TO YOURSELF and we had lots of fun doing them .This is mine


Friday 17th,November,2017
November precept Confucius
If your friends are being nice with you but not with others then they are not being a good person just in general. If your friends are not being good and they are making you feel uncomfortable then you should tell them but in a respectful way . Tell them that you are not going to be their friend until they are being a nice person and then you will be their friend again and that they shouldn’t be mean to others but not you but don’t go around saying things about them so other people wont play with them .just keep it between the two of you.

`Livi bronsdon p5


Earlier today our dragon matrix banners came back from the dragon matrix competition.  We were all so excited to see  that our dragon banners were back and we can’t wait to see them later today. They are still rolled up in the classroom after being  brought back earlier today. We are either going to see our banners today or on Monday next week.  we really  cant wait to see them on Monday  next week. I really wonder what they look like.

by Brodie P5


On Friday November the 17th Saltoun  Primary were all dressed up for Children In Need Day.

First  I went in  every  class  and collected all the money  from nursery then P1/2  and  then P3/4 and last but not least  P5/6/7.

Then the head teacher Mrs Pearce counted all the money and it turned out that we had raised £73 in donations.

By Melodie Minel P5



In maths recently we have been learning about jump strategy, split strategy and over-jump strategy. It turns out I am good at all of them. I love maths and this just makes it easier for me so now I use them all the time and I love to use them. Jump strategy is where you add or minus in jumps of hundreds tens and units. Split strategy is where you split your sum into tens and units then add on in bits.  Over-jump strategy is where you round the number you are adding to the nearest ten, add it then take away the same amount as you added to get your answer.

By Brodie P5

Home work presentation

This week we have been doing home work presentation about what has changed since our grand parents were our age.

Livi  did it on her grandma. When she was nine she had to jump into a ditch because she was going to be shot by a German plane!

Cameron did his on his Google Account to make it a bit like a movie.  His name popped up at the start like in a real movie!

by Lloyd,P5


On Tuesday 7th Poppy, Livi, Brodie and me all had a great violin lesson.

First we went in and got our violins accorded and started playing.

Then we went on to a new song and now we are doing Uncle Joe And First Finger Rag.

After we had to learn a new pose to pluck the strings. And then we played to the music. We enjoyed it.

By Melodie And Livi P5

Aiming High to Achieve our Best!