Awesome Aerobics

Primary 7 are setting up a high energy movement to music class. It is an enterprise project that will be managed and organised by the pupils themselves with the support of Mrs Malcolm. It is after school on Tuesdays. Pupils have sent home an information letter with attached permission slip. Please return the slip to school by Friday 2nd November. Places are limited therefore it will be allocated on a first return basis.

Strawberry Woods

leaf.jpgLast week the nursery went for a walk in Strawberry Woods.  They went to look for signs of Autumn. They have been doing lots of art and craft activities related to Autumn.  They have made hedgehogs, finger painted trees and pastel leaves.

The Botanical Gardens

Last Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens.  In the morning we went to look at the Rock Garden.  It was good fun climbing up the rocky steps to look at the waterfall. We saw lots of squirrels.  Max saw a baby frog hiding in the woods.  In the afternoon our guide, Cath, showed us the plants in the glass house.  She was teaching us more about our Senses.  She gave us an eye on the end of our finger which was actually a mirror.  It helped us to see underneath things.  We got to taste chunks of papaya that will help us to see in the dark.  We got to smell different things – vanilla, lemon grass, sugar and cocoa beans.  Then we pretended to be squirrels and hid raisins all over the gardens. It was a great trip!

Health Week

It has been Health Week at Saltoun Primary School!

Every morning we have been waking up with an aerobics session led by Suzanne (Active Schools Co-ordinator) and our P7 pupils. We have also had lots of visiting health specialists. We have been learning;
*how to keep our hands clean with the ‘Germ Journey’
*how to take care of our teeth
*how to keep fit with Karate sessions.
Our senior class has taken part in hockey coaching sessions and a basketball and football festival.

Everyone got fit and took care of the environment by Walking to School during Health Week and many people joined the Saltoun Walking Bus on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saltoun Primary also relaunched their Smoothie Cafe during Health Week which was a massive success and they tried out new recipes with their customers. The Peach and Banana Smoothie was a huge hit! P1/2/3 joined in by making fruit kebabs which everyone enjoyed eating.

After the success of this Health Week we will be having another in Term 4!