P1/2/3 trip to Edinburgh

On Wednesday we are going to Edinburgh.  We are visiting the Victorian Classroom where we will get to experience school life in the past.  After that we are walking up to the Museum of Childhood where we will look at toys from the past.  Keep watching this post and we will add photos after our trip! 

At the Victorian Classroom we were dressed in character.  We had maths and handwriting lessons with the teacher.  Then we went into the Victorian kitchen where we looked at the various home items….which we already knew lots about!  Afterwards we went into the Victorian playroom and used toys from the past.

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The Big Interview

Yesterday Millie and Megan’s Granny came to visit P1/2/3.  We interviewed her and found out more about what life was like in the past.  She brought photographs with her and a ration book.  It was great fun asking her the questions and she enjoyed eating our home baking.

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On Thursday Euan’s Papa came in and we interviewed him too!  It was interesting to hear what life was like when he was a little boy and make comparisons with the things that Granny Isobel had told us.

Book Party!!

Help us to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 6th March.  Come to school dressed as a character from your favourite book.  If this is not possible just bring along the book and you can take part in the Great Book Swap!  Keep looking at this post and we will add photos after the event.

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The Book Party was a great success!  People made a huge effort to dress up as a character from their favourite book.  We celebrated World Book Day at assembly and some girls from the P4/5/6/7 class provided us with party food.  They even decorated the fairy cakes with the names of different authors.  Some pupils have swapped books at our official Book Swap which was organised by Katie, Daisy and Chantelle.