Healthy Eating In Our Dining Hall by Mrs Baillie

I would just like to say thank you to all the children for eating so well in the dining hall.  Most of our children have managed to reach 25 stickers and those that have not are nearly there.  We have some children who have reached 50, 75 and just recently Katie Belton managed a whole 100.  Well done to her.  Katie’s reward is to be first in the queue at lunch time for a week.

 Not only do the children receive points for each piece of fruit, portion of veg, and portion of soup, points are also awarded for exceptional good manners or  helpfulness and for tucking in their chair. 

To all the children of Saltoun Primary School I would just like to say well done for trying so hard and thank you for behaving so well – you are all a credit to Saltoun Primary School. 

Saltoun 3 C’s!

Competition time!  We want to raise awareness of Saltoun’s 3 C’s – care, consideration and courtesy.  Pupils are to design either an illustration, song, poem, rhyme or rap that represents the 3 C’s.  Pupils can enter as individuals, pairs or teams.  Closing date for entries is May 12th.   Winners will be announced at assembly.

Powerful Problem Solving!

P1/2/3 have started weekly practical problem solving.  Friday’s challenge was to make a boat that would be able to carry a small man.  The resources available were 2 pieces of paper, sellotape and paperclips.  Here are our successful results!

img_1688.JPG   img_1689.JPG  img_1690.JPG

Some of the boys have also been busy in the construction area.

img_1681.JPG   img_1683.JPG   img_1685.JPG

Our Healthy Project

On the 14th April primary 4/5/6/7  found out that they were each going to be working on projects linked to Healthy Living. Each pupil is to choose something to do with healthy living e.g. sleep etc. and research why it is important. At the end of term everyone will give a talk about their research project to the class.  This week we made front covers for the project jotters using coloured card and felt tip pens.

Anne’s Eruption!

On the 16th of April P4-7 had a visit from Anne O’Brian, who works for the Seabird Centre and Dynamic Earth.  She came in to talk to us about volcanoes and earthquakes.  Everyone was excited to hear what she had to say. Anne started the talk by showing us some slides, then she brought out a toy mammoth called Mike.  Anne explained the various parts of a mammoth especially its layers of fur.  Afterwards Anne decided to test us.  She got some pictures of glaciers or dormant volcanoes, like Bass Rock and Arthurs Seat.  If we thought it was a volcanoe we would stand up. If we thought it was a glacier we had to stay sitting down. Once we had all done that Anne showed us some fossils that were from the Ice Age, like Cave Bears claws and Sabertooth Cats teeth.  Most of them were first casts. We took a short break then once we came back in Anne told us we were going to make volcanoes erupt. Everyone was so excited they did all the things she said.  The volcanoes spurted out red liquid.

    img_1670.JPG   img_1669.JPGimg_1671.JPG

Anne said she would do a bigger one which erupted much better than the last ones . At the end of the lesson everyone had learned so much and hope they could have a lesson like that again.img_1676.JPGimg_1677.JPG

P1-3 also had a short session with Anne.  

They learned lots of interesting facts about Puffins and played a really fun game!  img_1660.JPG  img_1658.JPG

P1/2/3 new topic

Our topic this term is Living Things.  We have started learning about the different parts of the plant.  We went into the school garden to collect some flowers.  We looked at them under magnifying glasses.  We made a large collage flower and labelled the different parts.  We also put red dye into the water in a vase of flowers.  The dye has turned the flower red.  This proves that the stem carries water to the petals.  It was interesting watching it slowly change colour.

img_1646.JPG   img_1647.JPG

We have also planted some seed with Mrs Leslie.  They are oregano, pepper, basil, sweetcorn and tomatoes.  After they have grown we will use them to make a healthy pizza topping.