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Healthy Eating In Our Dining Hall by Mrs Baillie

I would just like to say thank you to all the children for eating so well in the dining hall.  Most of our children have managed to reach 25 stickers and those that have not are nearly there.  We have some children who have reached 50, 75 and just recently Katie Belton managed a whole 100.  Well done to her.  Katie’s reward is to be first in the queue at lunch time for a week.

 Not only do the children receive points for each piece of fruit, portion of veg, and portion of soup, points are also awarded for exceptional good manners or  helpfulness and for tucking in their chair. 

To all the children of Saltoun Primary School I would just like to say well done for trying so hard and thank you for behaving so well – you are all a credit to Saltoun Primary School.