Parent v Pupil Netball Match

P4/5/6/7 would like to invite you to our Parent v Pupil Netball Match on Friday 3rd October at 11.30am.

It will be a Pay to Play Match and the money raised will be used to buy new netball bibs and balls.

Hopefully you can spare £1 to play for 5 minutes!

Refreshments will be available for a small donation.

We hope to see lots of you there!

Katie, Amy and Rebekah




Healthy Eating and Good Manners at Saltoun

Apologies for delay in setting up the new reward system in the dining hall.  After consultation with the children we are working towards a reward via the house system.  We have three houses here at Saltoun: Tigers, Panthers and Lions.  A sticker is awarded for the following:  a piece of fruit, a portion of veg, a bowl of soup, a clean plate (excluding just rolls), tucking your chair in and placing your knife and fork correctly on the plate when finished eating.  Children having packed lunches can gain points just the same as the other children.  Mrs Baillie will also award discretionary points for exceptional good manners or acts of kindness towards other children.  We are off to a great start already!   Keep up the good work!   Mrs Baillie

Success in P1/2/3

Congratulations to Amber, Jessica, Luca and Jay!  They have collected their first hot air balloon.  Pupils are awarded stickers for working hard, following the golden rules and good manners.  Well done!


Shared Starts!

   Thank you to all the parents who attended Shared Start last week.  I think that both the adults and pupils had fun!  We made Incy Wincey Spiders to represent the ‘i’ sound.

Curriculum Meeting P1-3

Miss Leslie would like to welcome all parents from her class to a Curriculum Meeting on Wednesday 17th September at 2.15pm.  During the session there will be an opportuntity for parents to find out more about the spelling, reading and homework programmes in place.  She looks forward to meeting with you!

New Playground Equipment

With all the Tesco vouchers the parents and pupils helped us to collect,  we got new playground equipment. Staff chose and ordered tennis rackets, ankle skips, scoopers, different types of balls, hoops, cones, a squeezy hygenic whistle and swinging loops. Everyone is enjoying using the new playground equipment.

Using some money previously raised by parents and pupils we bought outdoor drums which everyone is looking forward to using when they get placed in the playground.

                                                                                                                                By Rebekah and Katie.