African Drumming!

African Singing Video (click to watch)

On Monday P4/5/6/7 were lucky enough to take part in African drumming. We learned about dance, movement, rhythm and voice. It was a great afternoon which lead to us performing to the p1/2/3’s and their parents. P4/5/6/7 said they loved it and would like to thank Dougie, who taught them lots of new skills.


Holidays again!

Just a reminder that for the February holidays we break up on Friday 6th February at normal time and children return on Tuesday 17th February.  We can’t believe how quickly these holidays have come around!  Hope everyone has a great time.


We have been learning about why having clean water is so important for us and also that not all children are so fortunate.  As a class, we decided to have a charity event and try to raise as much money as we can for WaterAid. We have registered with the charity online and they have a really useful website, which you can find from our links. 

Come along on Friday 6th February at 11am.  Park your car in the school car park for a car wash organised and managed by Pete Jardine (our old Janitor) then come inside and have a coffee, whilst purusing our second hand toys and book stall.

We hope to see as many of you as possible!  There will be posters and fliers coming your way.

Money, Money, Money!

P1/2/3 have been learning about money.  They have a shop in the classroom called Toys R Us.  They have lots of toys to sell.  They made price lists and signs.  Just now there is a sale! They have reduced everything by 1p.  What a bargain!


Grand Opening of Forest Schools Murals!

On Thursday 15th January at 10am  we are having a grand unveiling of our Forest School Murals.  We have invited Councillors and all those who were involved to attend.  All parents are also welcome!  There will be tea and coffee, with P7 pupils giving a display of all their related forest school work.

Burn’s Celebration

As usual at Saltoun we are celebrating Rabbie Burn’s birthday.  Each child has a verse to learn for our Poetry Recital Competition on Friday 23rd January.  Each year group is also learning a song and we will sing them after our Burn’s Supper on the same morning.  If possible, pupils should try to wear a piece of tartan.   

Star Awards!

Congratulations to Millie who passed her Ballet Exam!  She worked really hard.  

Well done Thomas!  He is Player of the Month at his rugby club.