On Friday the 25th September, Holly Aris and Ailsa Russell went to a JRSO meeting in Prestonpans. This is where all the JRSO’S in East Lothian went to learn all about road safety.  The JRSO representatives are going to be launching their first competition soon! Nursery are going to colour in a picture of someone wearing a seat belt.  Primary1/2 are going to draw a person being safe at night.  Primary 3/4/5/6/7 are doing a drama scene.  We hope you will all join in! Thanks!

Holly and Aisla                   


P1/2 Senses Topic

Our topic this term has been the Senses. The 5 senses that we have looked at are sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch.

To  help us learn about sight we set up an opticians in our classroom. In it we had a bed, special glasses, a computer, a microscope and different uniforms for us to wear.

To help us learn about taste we tested some fruit and vegetables. These were pickles, bananas, strawberries, carrots and cucumber. We wrote down how all of these tasted.


To help us learn about hearing we made instruments, telephones and played lots of hearing games.

When we were learning about smell we took a smell test. We were blindfolded and had to guess what we were smelling. Some of the things were tomoto ketchup, fairy liquid, coffee, oranges and banana.

When we were learning about touch we had gluck and jelly baff in our classroom, these felt gooey! We also made feely boxes and put autumn things inside. We decorated our boxes by finger painting – it was messy! We were also allowed to guess what was in Miss Browns feely boxes.


We have loved learning about the senses and hope you enjoyed reading about what we have been doing.

Primary 1/2

Sad News….

As you may have heard Mrs Malcolm is leaving Saltoun Primary at the end of this term to take up her new post as Head Teacher of Windygoul Primary School.  We wish her lots of luck in her new appointment and we are sure we will see her again as we continue to be in the same cluster!