Pet Hedgehogs!!

Rhona and Catherine have two very special pets. They are pet hedgehogs! Their names are Spike and Mimi and they are both boys. They will be staying with Rhona and Catherine for 8 days until they are healthy enough to go back into the wild. Rhona and Catherine have been telling us lots of stories about them and how they like to eat slugs and cat food!

by Primary 1/2

Funky Fitness!

On Monday 26th October staff from Saltoun and Humbie Primary Schools will be taking part in fitness training.  The in-service session will be led by our Active Schools Co-ordinator and starts at 9am in Saltoun playground.  It should last until around 11am.  All parents are welcome to attend!

Harvest Festival

On Thursday 15th October pupils will be giving a Harvest Thanksgiving Festival in Saltoun Parish Church.  The performance of the Little Red Hen starts at 9.15am.  Afterwards parents will be invited back to school to taste our home made pumpkin soup, bread and apple crumble. 

This will also be Mrs Malcolm’s leaving assembly and will be an opportunity to say thank you and goodbye.  We hope to see you there!