People Who Help Us.

As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic P1/2 visited Dunbar RNLI. We went on Tuesday. First we watched a video about what lifeboat workers do. Next we went in a lifeboat – but not on the sea. Kenny showed us all the things you need to have in the lifeboat. He is the lifeboat engineer. We also saw the rescue jeep and got our photo taken. They need to have a rescue jeep because the big lifeboat is kept at Torness and the workers need to be able to get there quickly.


After the lifeboat centre we went to Dunbar leisure centre. There we met Cathy who showed us around. Cathy is a lifeguard. After our tour we went to the activity hall and did first aid. We bandaged our classmates and practiced our CPR on Ann the dummie. Then we role played at being lifeguards and resuced our friends from the ‘pool’.


We learned lots on our trip and would like to go back again. We returned to school feeling happy…and hungry. We had a good day.

Today we were visited by PC Lynn Black who came to give us a talk on People Who Help Us and how to keep ourselves safe. We were also lucky enough to go out and see the police car…apologies to people in their beds for the loud siren!


We were also visited by a nurse. Her name was Jenn. She told us about her work and we completed health checks on ourselves. We found out our height and our pulse. We were also allowed to use the stethoscope.


A Green Glow…

You may have noticed a green glow surrounding Saltoun Primary School since yesterday and fear not…there is a good reason for this! Yesterday morning we were visited by two assessors from Eco Schools Scotland. They have great pleasure in awarding us our Green Flag! A big thank you and well done to all the pupils, staff, parents and members of the community for all your help in our Green Flag campaign. All we need now is a flag pole….. 🙂

Miss Brown

Thomas and Robbie’s First Adventure!

Thomas and Robbie have arrived in Singapore safely and have been having a great time in the hot and rainy weather.  On Sunday, the boys went to see a special boat race – The Dragon Boat Race.  Each boat had 10 -20 rowers, a man steering and a man/lady beating the rhythm of the stokes.  They rowed special rowing boats with dragon’s heads at the front.

They also saw the famous statue of Singapore – The Merlion.  This is half lion and half fish.  Robbie found it very funny!


Good luck Thomas and Robbie!  Have lots of fun in Singapore and we will see you when you return.  Keep in touch by email and the website.   From  Everyone at Saltoun Primary

Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to Jane Valentine who donated a new mixing bowl and two beautiful aprons to the nursery.  I am sure that the children will enjoy using them the next time they are baking!

Visit to the Edinburgh Mosque

We went to the Edinburgh Central Mosque for our Islam project.  When we got in we took off our shoes. We were led into the main hall which was huge! We were taught how to pray Islam style! Then we went down stairs to a room with lots of posters.  We had a look around this educational room.  Then we went to the bathroom and we saw how they washed before a prayer.  We had our lunch at Chamber Street Museum. Later we had a tour around the museum. Finally we had to go back to school.   Written by Gabriel