Forces Experiment

Mr Firth came in to our class to do some science experiments on forces.  We made a crumple zone.  Everybody worked in partners. We used paper to make springs.  We tested it with a lego car. When the ramp was lower, the lego man stayed on the car.  When the ramp was higher, he didnt stay on.  It showed that you needed lots of springs to absorb the energy.  It was great fun.   Written by Primary 3/4

The Saltoun Snack Shop

The Pupil Council have decided to start a snack shop. They asked the pupils how often they would use it and what would they like to see on sale.

Next Friday the Pupil Council will go with Mrs Leslie and Mrs Birrell to Tesco and Aldi to see what the cheapest prices are for purchasing the stock.

The launch of the shop will be Thursday 7th January.

P6/7 Writers

P6/7 found out last Thursday that the poems Mrs Malcolm entered into the Young Writer’s Poetry Competition, were getting published into a book.

Saltoun will get a copy of the book which is published in February and the book will also be in all East Lothian libraries. The P6/7 pupils will be put forward to the 1st prize of £1,000.

Snack Shop

Today at assembly the Pupil Council proposed that we launch a health promoting snack shop.  They asked pupils how often they would use the snack shop and what kinds of snacks they would like to see on sale.  The Pupil Council noted their suggestions and will be visiting a variety of supermarkets to research the most cost effective products.  They have prepared a parent questionaire to find out your thoughts and opinions.  They would appreciate if you could complete it and return it to school.

Remembrance Day Poetry

After our Remembrance Day Assembly with Reverend Lyon, P6/7 wrote remembrance poems that will be entered into the Poppy Scotland Poetry Competition.  Here are a few of our poems.

A broken soldier sits alone,

Mourning his lost comrades,

His family question if he is still alive.

The church bells strike eleven,

Two minutes,

Tears of sorrow.

Remember the soldiers dead or alive,

And their family,

Please remember.

Steven P7

Boom! As the bombs blow up homes and soldiers.

Seeing blood everywhere.

Hearing guns fire makes you feel upset.

Sadness is hurtful.

Hearing the planes shooting each other with bullets.

Drive the tanks and cars but be warned…do not cross the enemy yards.

War makes rememberance.

Families are happy as their soldiers come back home.

Kyra P6

Remember, remember the 11th of November,

Spend 2 minutes of silence,

Remembering the soldiers who battled at war.

War was over,

Survivors went home,

Tears of sadness for soldiers who did not make it,

Tears of joy for those who did.

Unlucky soldiers,

Died and buried,

In the Field of Flanders.

Holly P7