Fundraising Fiver!

Our parent group H2H are running their enterprise project, Fundraising Fiver, again this Easter.  It was very successful last year and the pupils ideas were very innovitive! 

Shirley has already been in to school assembly pupils will receive an envelope with their £5 before we break for holidays. 

The Health/Eco Committee have decided to keep chickens in the school grounds and use their eggs in weekly health cookery lessons.  Any money raised will help towards the cost of our chickens. 

Jammin’ Fitness

As part of our Health and Wellbeing work, we are having a Jammin’ Fitness session on Tuesday 30th March.  It is in the village hall and starts at 7pm.  The instructor, Andy, will be teaching us techniques for stress busting.  It is for adults only but anyone from the community is welcome……so spread the word!

Easter Service and Holidays

We would like to invite you all to our Easter Service.  It is on Thursday 1st April at Saltoun Parish Church.  The service will begin at 9.15am.  We are raising money for the charity ‘Safe Haven 4 Donkeys’ and you will find out more about this during the service. 

We also break for Easter holidays on the 1st April and return to school on Tuesday 20th April.  Have a good holiday!

We were authors

As well as reading lots this week, we have also been writing.  We worked as a whole school to write a story book for the Nursery.  We planned a storyline and considered how to use repitition in the story.  We are going to present it to Nursery at assembly next week.


Camp out

img_3453img_3445img_3458img_3449After Mrs Paterson left, we had a Saltoun Camp Out!  We brought our pj’s, favourite bedtime stories and torches.  The staff had set up reading tents around the school.  We read in our favourite stories by torch light.  It was great fun!

Author Visit!

On World Book Day, the famous author Aileen Paterson came to visit us!  She brought her Maisie story books and spoke about how she loves being a writer.  Did you know that she visits each place her stories are set before writing the book?  She also drew us a special Saltoun illustration of Maisie and signed it!  We are going to frame it and hang it in our corridor.  Thanks for coming Mrs Paterson!