Outdoor Mathematicians!

Today p3-7 went out into the playground and investigated our new outdoor learning maths resource. We looked at all of the equiptment including, colour spots, number squares, numbered bean bags, skittles, turtles, soft balls and much much more. We were in groups trying to come up with our own number games with the equiptment! We had great fun!

Report of minibeasts in Saltoun Garden!

P3-7 and P1/2 have started their new topic…Minibeasts! We have been searching for minibeasts in the garden together. We have found lots of spiders, woodlouse, beetles, ladybirds,slug and snails. We created our own habiats for the bugs  in old school trays and left them outside overnight to see if they stayed in these habitats. We found that we have attracted more minibeasts to our habitats! Yippee!! Please take a look in our minibeast garden and try and find some bugs of your own.

Rest ‘n’ Relax

Primary 3/4 have made a new special place in our school community.  It is for quiet time!  It is called Rest ‘n’ Relax.  In the area there are pillows and cuddly toys.  There is a net surrounding it.  It is communal throughout the school and there are rules to follow in it.  Come and try our relaxing area if you like!

The Golden Eggs!

An exciting discovery was made on Saturday evening….a golden egg! Our chickens have settled in so well that they have started to lay eggs already! We found another 2 eggs today. We plan to cook with our eggs on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for more eggs 🙂

New Eco/Health Page!

The Eco and Health committee at Saltoun have opened a new Eco and Health  page on the school website. This page will keep you up to date with our ‘Action plants’ for Eco and Health within the school. We have also posted 2 new links for you to have a look at. The Eco-Schools link will take you to the official website for Eco within Scotland and the Health and Wellbeing link will give parents/carers/family information about Health and Wellbeing within A Curriculum for Excellence. Please use this new page and feel free to leave comments and suggestions for us!


Today the school got  three new chickens. Mr K Morton arrived with our chickens and we even got to pet them.  There will be a competition to name the chickens later on in the next few weeks. Hopefully they will lay some eggs as they are at the point of laying. We are looking for parents or pupils to care for the chickens at the weekend.  Now Saltoun Primary has the EGG factor.

Lets Get Wet!

Today P3-7 went to Musselbugh Lagoons for a Watersports Activity day! We were split into two groups, 6 people went canoeing in the  open top Canadian Canoes and 6 others went Kaiacking with the outdoor education team. We had a great day and even Miss Mitchell and Mrs Leslie had a go! Thankfully we did not get wet and we are looking forward to the next time that we go. Have a look at some pictures from our day out.

P6-7 poetry

Primary 6/7 entered Young Writers Poetry Explorers competition. The prize was to have their poems put into a poem book. School from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all competed. All the P6/7 were lucky to get there poems into the  poetry book. Here are some of them.



Interrogation, court, fine, even prison!

Order and law,don’t break it.

Easy to commit, hard to forget.

Never do it

Cell, empty, lonely and depressing

End of.

By Steven Johnson(P7)


Terror sounds like a little girl screaming in horror.

Terror sounds like a scary red devil with a fork. terror looks like a pitch-black like a scary night.

Terror feels like putting your hands in bioling hot lava.

Terror Tastes like biting into a Disgusting poisonous apple.

terror smells like a pigsty, how rotten and revolting.

By Holly Aris (P7)