Saltoun Primary School

No Power Hour!

Today we launched our ‘No Power Hour’ in school. To mark the occassion Amber Moss the Sustainability Development Officer from East Lothian Council came in and gave us a talk on energy. We also took part in a quiz. Most of us got lots of correct answers! ‘No Power Hour’ will take place in school every Thursday from 11-12 and we hope to save lots of energy. Everything must be turned off and power officers will patrol the school to make sure everyone follows the rules.  In a normal day we use around 12 units of electricity between 11-12. Today during our first ‘No Power Hour’ we only used 3 units. This is a massive difference and we hope to keep it up. If you would like to save energy you could also have a ‘No Power Hour’ at home….think of your electricity bills!! 🙂


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