P3/4 Investigate Saltoun Community

Yesterday afternoon Mrs Birrell took the P3/4 pupils out into the village. We went into the village shop, the park, the Smiddy, the garage and the church. We took videos using our ‘tuffcam’ of our community and what we have in it. We went to see what special places were in East Saltoun and to see if we could see any of our special community people. This morning we have been writing about our own imaginative communities and thinking about what we would change about East Saltoun. Naomi and Euan would like to change Strawberry Woods into a Rainforest environment with exotic birds and wildlife with a giant waterpark! Felix would like to change the church yard into a theme park with a slide coming out of the clock face. Ross would like to change the setting of East Saltoun into a Winter Wonderland where he can practice his half pipe snowboarding in preparation for winning a Gold Medal at the Winter Olympics. Gabriel would like to change East Saltoun into a Fantasy Village and change the houses into posh caves with Tiger hide cusions and cotton filled blankets.

Have a look at our Videos created by Primary 3/4 below.


Naomi, Euan, Ross, Felix and Gabriel

Our Community School

Our Community Village Hall

Our Community Park