Severe weather update (updated 15:00, Tues 30th November)

The following information was published on the East Lothian Council web site on Tuesday 30th November 2010 at 3pm.

All East Lothian schools will remain closed to pupils on Wednesday 1 December. Also information on refuse collections roads, sports centres, libraries and more…


Due to the continuing severe weather conditions, it has been confirmed that ALL East Lothian schools will remain closed to pupils on Wednesday 1 December. Major efforts to open up safe access routes to schools will continue during the course of tomorrow (Wednesday). East Lothian Council appreciates that these closures are causing major inconvenience to parents and carers. However, every effort is being made to re-open schools in the face of severe weather conditions and transport difficulties.

Further updates for this week will be added here in due course with information also being available on Radio Forth and school websites.

School staff should continue to follow the Policy on Employee Absence due to Adverse Weather conditions.

School Closure Update

Saltoun Primary School will be closed on Tuesday 30th November.  We will update the website with further information tomorrow.

If anyone is near the school and could feed the chickens, I am sure they would be grateful…..and the staff would be too!

School Closure

Due to a further 6-8 inches of snowfall overnight, Saltoun Primary will be closed today, Monday 29th November.  Whether school is opened tomorrow, will be decided later on today, after further weather reports and advice from the Authority.

Staff Job Swap Morning

Thursday 25th November saw Mrs Baillie (Admin) and Mrs Leslie (Classroom Assistant) becoming teachers for the morning.  Mrs Ritchie became Nursery Nurse for the morning too.  Miss Brown and Mrs Birrell acted as Classroom Assistants.  It was a very enjoyable and enlightening morning – we hope all the children enjoyed it too?

Saltoun’s Snowman Drive

Everyone is welcome to Saltoun’s Snowman Drive on Wed 1st December at 3.15pm-5pm.  We will kick off the afternoon by decorating the tree outside the Village Hall with our homemade ( and waterproof!) Christmas decorations.  Following this, we will go inside and warm up with hot chocolate and a mince pie.  Then the Drive will begin!  There is a prize for the winning child and winning adult. Remember this is a family event so we hope to see lots of adults too!!   The Pupil Council

Biodiversity Week

This week we have been learning about Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of different species. To start our week, Stuart, the Biodiversity Officer came to visit us. He taught us about the timeline of plants and animals evolving. Next we had a Bee Workshop. We found out about Bees and their body parts.

Yesterday we went on a plant hunt because Fiona from Kew Botanic Gardens sent us a postcard to ask for help finding local plants. We went to Strawberry Woods. We had fun!

Today we have been learning about endangered animals. There were 5 groups. The Tigers, Polar Bears, Apes, Giant Pandas and the Butterflies. We had to complete tasks to receive points. We made badges, posters, models, songs, TV adverts and t-shirts. The Butterflies were the winners with 234 points! Well done to the Butterflies!

We still have a few activities left in our Biodiversity Week 🙂

By Amber, Charlotte, Luca, Ross, Jessica, Ewan, Euan, Murdo, Sarah and Niall     

Lennoxlove Book Festival

Everyone who visited Lennoxlove Book Festival on Sunday had a brilliant time.  Julia Donaldson entertained us with a variety of songs, poems and stories….As we listened to the heavy rain beat against the marquee, The Gruffalo made a welcome appearance. (That got everybody up on their feet as we chanted, “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!” well what did we  know!)  Niall and Jay were called upon to  take on characters in a dramatisation on the stage. They made a fantastic job of being a goose and a dog, Well done boys :o) 

The excitement continued as we watched, in awe, some  fire breathing humans as we walked to the craft tent. We made Christmas wrapping paper, decorations, animal masks, badges and beaded bracelets. 

What a fantastic trip, can’t wait to go again next year……

Children in Need

Thank you for helping us to raise £75 for Children in Need!  A huge amount for such a small school.  The pupils spotty clothes were excellent….so much effort from everyone.  The spotty fairy cakes sold out!  We have already made our donation online so if you are watching the programme tonight look out….you never know the school’s name may appear along the bottom of the screen.  Thanks again, from the Pupil Council.

Community Christmas Tree

The Pupil Council would like to invite everyone in Saltoun to make a Christmas tree decoration.  These will decorate a tree outside the Village Hall and help to make Saltoun festive!  Please come along on Wednesday 1st Dec at 3.15pm to help us.  There will also be a Snowman Drive and festive refreshments….hot chocolate and mince pies!