Nursery P1/2 P3/4/5/6/7 2010

Star Writers!

We have lots of talented writers in P3-7. This week we have been writing a personal account of our ‘Snow Days’. Our Star Writer this week was Gabriel who wrote a very engaging, descriptive story. Below is his story for your enjoyment…..

“Schools Out!”

On Monday the 29th of November school was off. “Yipee” I shouted. I got out of bed sleepily and went to get breakfast. As usual I had weetabix. Then I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth for 2 minutes with my horrible pink toothbrush that my brother chose for me at Tesco! After that I went to my clothes cupboard and fished out my warmest clothes. I had 5 layers on, no wonder I was sweaty!

I went outside. I couldn’t resist turning a big pile of snow into a snowslide. Next me and Reuben had a snowball fight. BANG, THWACK, CLOUT! Then I found some untouched snow and made a snow angel. I made a “swish, swish, swish” sound.

By this time I was hungry so I went inside and had some soup that warmed me up!

Next me, Reuben and Dad went sledging. I brought my snowboard with me. Next thing I was zooming down the hill with the breeze in my hair. After a while me and my snowboard became a sort of celebrity because everybody wanted a go! So I had to rush home to escape the pleading crowds!

When I got in I had some tea. THen I played the wii until 8pm. Next I watched my favourite quiz programme, University Challenge. Then I put on my pjs and went to bed. “zzzz!”

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