P3/4/5/6/7 2010

Super Spelling!

This week P3-7 wrote acrostic poems about their spelling words. Below are a selection of my favourites….

Fluttering in the wind                       

Like a butterfly

Above the rooftops

Great flag in the sky

by Luca P3


Biscuits in the oven

Aprons are worn

Kitchen is where we do it

Eggs make it rise.

by Euan P4


Dive in and out of water

Over waves

Leaping in the air

Plunging into the seas

Hunting for fish

In the deep blue ocean

Never giving up

by Niall P3


Dolphin diving shooting out of the water

Of course they splash me

Lovely seeing them sll diving out of the water

Probably having lots of fun

In the water!

Now time to go home

by Charlotte P3


People pick up the phone

Hello is what they say

On the road or at home

Nattering away


by Amber P3


Floating all around

Lovely in the sky

All the colours

Green for our Eco School.

by Jessica P3

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