Book Party

Today P3 hosted a book party in the village hall. The party had a Fantastic Mr Fox theme and we made up activities for it. We also prepared the food for our animal feast! We invited 7 other schools from the Tranent cluster. We prepared a speech and greeted the 67 other children who all came wearing animal masks. There were two activities – fox facts then pin the tail on the fox and book circle discussions. After that we all had a feast. We had a great afternoon and hope everyone else did too. Below are some photos of the event.


P1-2 New Topic

P1-2 have all settled back well into the routines of school and seem very excited about our new topic,which is water.  Last week,we looked at our current knowledge about water and what we would like to find out over the next few weeks.  The children want to find out lots of exciting facts about  how water moves, how waterfalls work,  how we make sparkling water and about our oceans.  We hope to visit  the river Tyne at some point as well.  We will have a display wall/table so if the children have anything that they would like to bring in to add to it, that would be great.


P3-7 will be studying rivers this term. Yesterday we set our learning questions and very soon we will be turning our classroom into a river!! Most of us wanted to go to a river and measure it. Miss Brown is going to ask the ranger if he can help us with this. Others wanted to find out all about the Amazon River and the creatures that live in it. At the end of our topic we are going to have an assembly to share all of our information. Feel free to pop in and look at our beautiful displays.