Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

Preparing Apples

Enjoying apples and dipping honey

Layla and Sascha took part in Rosh Hashannah at their synagogue yesterday.   Today they wanted to tell us all about. They shared apples and honey with the whole school.  The honey represents good living and health.  They also showed us their Shofar, a horn to wake up everyone and call them to remember their creator.

Shana Tova Layla and Sascha.  Happy New Year


Saltoun and Humbie Make Sweet Music Together

We welcomed our friends from Humbie Primary and took part in a joint music project delivered by Sonsie Music.  This was funded by East Lothian Council.  We made instruments, explored sound, composed music and then performed.  It was lovely to work with “our sister school” and have new friends to play and work with.  The staff appreciated the opportunity to work together too.


We made lemonade in class, we were being observed to see how accurate our measuring was…it beats a written test and tasted good too.  We also self assessed our efforts.  We then investigated what the best ratio of ingredient

were to make the perfect lemonade.

Eco Picnic

On Friday our school took part in an EcoSchool “One Planet Picnic”.  Pupils made lovely muffins with local produce and served us all apple juice.  We took the opportunity to play games and the pupil council ran some fundraising stalls.  We raised over £80 for Somalia.

It took a lot of work by the different groups to pull off.  Thanks you to the parents who came along to support us too.

We have been looking at symmetry and shape in the woods these last few weeks.

Time Capsule

We buried a time capsule in the school garden.  We decided as a class what to put in the capsule.  We buried a recording of our voices, photos, important objects that evoked memories, a letter that Mrs Currie wrote  to us and our measurements.  We are not allowed to dig it up until Friday 29th June 2011!