Headteacher’s Blog!

At recent parent evenings, one of the evaluation sheets suggested a headteacher’s blog with a “thought for the day”. Whereas I cannot claim to having a daily thought so inspiring it is worth sharing, I may be able to rise to the mark once a week. So here goes:
During last week’s break, as well as looking forward to and planning for the next term, I was also reflecting on what had happened in the two schools since August when we started with many new members in the team. What stood out in my mind was how well the staff teams have come together already. There is a growing sense of mutual help and support across the two schools and a willingness to share and encourage each other in the activities and ventures we plan. I couldn’t have wished for better and am grateful for the long hours and huge effort put in daily by all staff. This, of course, is reflected in what is happening in class for the children. They too, are working well together and are keen to join for specific planned activities and to be good hosts to their visitors. We are planning more joint ventures very soon—something Scottish around St Andrew’s Day.
So, my thoughts this week are gallopingly optimistic.
Next week—timetabling issues.