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As promised, this week- timetabling.
The question that most people ask me about the shared headship is “How do you split your week?” From August until the October break, I divided up the week between the two schools in terms of need. I looked at what was happening in each school and timetabled myself to accommodate this. The time that was left was split to make a fair share between the two. Looking back over Jacky’s somewhat luridly coloured diaries on the blog, the share looks to be about 50/50.
In some authorities shared heads split their time on a pro rata basis. It is to the credit of Saltoun parents that no one has suggested this! My feeling is that both schools have an equal need in terms of time and care and I would like to go on addressing this.
In discussion with the staff recently, we identified a need to target certain children and curricular areas for some concentrated help. So to address this, I am now going to commit a day a week to each school so that I can be timetabled into classes to help and support. I will be in Humbie an Mondays and Saltoun on Tuesdays, splitting the rest of the week as before in terms of need.
Being the first (and so far only) shared headship in East Lothian, we fortunately have the freedom to experiment and adapt as we go along, and I am sure this will not be the last time we tinker with the timetable.
I would be interested to hear your views- and suggestions- on this. Remember we are pioneering this for the county and may become experts in our field!! Have a good week.
Lindy Lynn

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