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First of all, thanks to all the people who responded to last week’s ramblings.  I enjoyed hearing about how you spend your down-time. This week’s thought, which is about weather, came as I walked at an angle of 45 degrees along the banks of the river Tyne into the teeth of a wind that seemed to be coming from the Arctic.
They say the British talk about weather above all else and maybe that is because we get so much of it. If we allowed the weather to dictate our plans we would probably never eat another barbecued sausage in our lives!
This Sunday was the annual St Andrew’s Day celebration in Athelstaneford where I live. A couple of years back the planned parachuting in of the Saltire was cancelled due to low cloud–we were in danger of repeating the famous antics of one John Steele in June 1944 during the D-Day landings in Sainte Mere-Eglise in France when his parachute hooked on the church spire and he could only hang there playing dead and watching the battle below.
Last year, the parade of horses carrying the flag to Haddington was cancelled because of the early fall of snow. However in both cases the show went on- plans were adapted, the weather was not allowed to spoil the celebration.
I remember coming on an early visit to Humbie in March this year and leaving Dunbar on a lovely sunny, if cold, morning. By the time I got to Humbie there was a covering of snow on the ground, but the children were outside playing happily in warm coats, snowsuits and boots. I was impressed by their resilience and hardiness. This is a rather log-winded way of saying that I think one of the more valuable skills we can teach our children is to cope in the face of difficulties or setbacks whatever they be- weather, circumstances, disappointments, change of plans, problems to be solved……
Let’s hope we can adopt this mind-set on Tuesday for our own St Andrew’s Day event (already brought forward a day because of industrial action) and celebrate come what may.

I thought you might appreciate a reminder of last year’s weather!

Have a good week and enjoy whatever weather we have.
Lindy Lynn

Science Groups

Our project is sound and light and we are creating and taking part in a lot of experiments and investigations.  This term we are working in science groups to help our investigations.  Each week we have a new role.  Sometimes we are the time keeper, the team leader, resource manager or recorder.  It is a work in progress as we can sometimes find it hard to allow others to have control of areas we like to be the boss of.  Our teams are:

We Need Your Help



We are giving our school library a makeover.  No special skills are needed just someone with an hour to spare. 

After a 1 minute training course (!) you too will be able to help us scan and label books and give things a shuffle around.  Please sign up on the sheet on the school front door and help our impressive library become even better. Alternatively contact the school and we will gladly accomodate your avaliability.

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Our favourite place

My thought for this week came to me as I walked my dog on Tyninghame beach- a regular occurrence on a Sunday morning. It is a glorious beach to walk in almost all weathers–an East coast haar being the exception when you can hardly see your hand on the end of your arm! Treacle loves it and will cool off by lying in the water up to his neck in sub-zero temperatures. It is something that sustains me through the week- but just in case, I have photographs similar to this one in both offices. I am one of those very lucky people who has always loved my job. I don’t find teaching stressful (most of the time) but it is certainly tiring and like most of us I appreciate the opportunity to recharge the batteries at the weekend.
So-what sustains you through the week (or weekend!)? A few people have commented- much to my surprise- that they have read this blog–so now I am challenging you to reply/comment. I would like to know what it is you do to unwind or chill out- indulge me.
Have a good week,
Lindy Lynn (and Treacle)

Diwali in P1/2

We have been learning about the people behind the Diwali story.  Eleanor made a beautiful Sita, Lochie and Findlay were very handsome as the brave brothers Rama and Lakshama but Harry was truly horrid as the demon Ravanna!