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Well -the holidays loom ever nearer. Depending on who you are, you will probably view this fact in a variety of ways. Most of the children cannot see past next Sunday and the joys of Christmas day. The staff are ticking events off the list as each is accomplished, then starting to prepare for the next. For myself, I am concentrating hard on being in the right place at the right time with the right list, music, notes etc. etc. etc.
Parents, I imagine, are aware that there are only 4 more days of freedom to get the shopping, preparing, wrapping, organising……….. done before having to cope full time with feverishly excited offspring.
So what do you do with your children in holiday periods? Do you relish the time together free of time constraints, homework tasks, washing school uniforms and all the other things on the list? Or is it a bit of a daunting thought to have to cope for two weeks  as entertainment officer for your brood?
When children come back to school after the weekend or holidays they tell us what they have been doing (of course we would never pass it on!) and naturally they give us the highlights. Quite often the best memories they have and the ones they like to talk about are simply about being together as a family. It might be a walk on the beach, helping out with a job around the house, cooking together or a game with parents. These events often mean more and last longer in the memory than gifts they have been given or places they have been taken to.
So if you are wondering what to do with your kids for the next two weeks, don’t underestimate a walk, a game of rounders or the Scrabble board. None of these things cost a huge amount and they might well be among the highlights of your holiday.

Final week

Arrangements for the final week.

Tuesday 20th December- 9.30 am
Service in church: you are invited to join us for a whistlestop tour of Christmas around the world. Refreshments will be served back at the school afterwards.
Wednesday 21st December
Am Nursery party
Pm P1-7 party
Thursday 22nd December
School closes at usual time for Christmas holidays.

Tuesday 10th January 2012
School resumes for pupils.

All the staff at Saltoun would like to thank parents for the support you have given the school this year- we could not do without it. We wish you a happy and restful Christmas and all the best for 2012.

Head Teacher’s Blog

With only two weeks to go, my thoughts this week turn, not surprisingly, to Christmas. You have probably read and heard your fill of Christmas messages and I don’t aspire to having anything original or startling to say about this time of year.
Over the years I have met people who love Christmas and all it stands for and look forward to it. Equally I have listened to folks who find it stressful, exhausting, daunting or just something to be got through.
I have always thought that working with children at this time of year gives you a take on Christmas that will be quite different from those who work in shops, offices, hospitals or social services. To be around children and experience the anticipation, excitement and wonder that they feel, helps me to see Christmas as they do. In school  just now we are caught up in arrangements for parties, rehearsals for nativity plays and carol services, teaching and reflecting on the Christmas story, exploring customs, writing letters to Santa, decorating classrooms and counting down the days with advent calendars. We also have conversations with children about people who are not so lucky as themselves or who, for a variety of reasons, may not have a happy time this Christmas. It is heartening to see that many children are as excited about the gifts they will give as the ones they may receive.
So, although it is busy- and doubly so when there are two schools to consider,  I count myself fortunate to share this season with children.  When a P1 with a tired pale face says, “Only twelve sleeps to go” I try to smile rather than panic.
I hope you are able to enjoy this next two weeks too,
Lindy Lynn





All schools to close at noon on Thursday due to severe weather warning

Published Thursday 8th December 11

School children

Due to the severe weather warnings for high winds on Thursday afternoon, all East Lothian schools are to close at noon today, Thursday 8 December.

On the advice of the Scottish Government, schools in East Lothian will close early to allow pupils to travel home safely before severe winds hit the area on Thursday afternoon.  All schools will close at 12 noon.

School to home transport arrangements will be put in place for those pupils who normally use this service.

Thank You

The Library is Starting to Take Shape

A big thanks to Rachel, Lesley, Amanda, Jacqui and Magi for making a great start to the library.  If you have a half hour to spare once the kids are dropped off or before you collect them please drop in and lend a hand.  You are most welcome.

Dark Tent

We used a dark tent today in our light experiments, it was exciting, other experiments involved discovering the attributes of convex and concave lenses.  Tomorrow….we will discuss the why. 

a dark tent

Nursery Forest School – Elf house challenge

Head Teacher’s Blog

My thought for this week is about a vision statement for the school. I had seen mention of this somewhere and wasn’t sure that we had one and if so how up-to-date it was. So I looked online for the definition of vision statements and advice on what they should contain. I found out that they should be short and snappy (Jack Russells spring to mind) and should say what your establishment stands for and where it is going. Armed with this thought, I approached staff for their views and am about to speak to the children at assembly this week. It seems only fair that parents should be included in this hard question–so what do you think? In a maximum of four sentences, what do you think our school is about and what should our aspirations be?
I have given it a lot of thought as I walked the dog and mucked out the stable-it’s good to be distracted from that task! My personal feeling is that our statement should include the following elements:
That the school is an integral part of the community
We are inclusive
We all strive to give of our best–that’s the girl guide in me
We hope to equip children with experiences and skills for life and work
What would you add, take out, argue with……………
I will gather and collate the responses from all parties this week and let you know.
Have a good week-only three to go.
Lindy Lynn