Head Teacher’s Blog

My thought for this week is about a vision statement for the school. I had seen mention of this somewhere and wasn’t sure that we had one and if so how up-to-date it was. So I looked online for the definition of vision statements and advice on what they should contain. I found out that they should be short and snappy (Jack Russells spring to mind) and should say what your establishment stands for and where it is going. Armed with this thought, I approached staff for their views and am about to speak to the children at assembly this week. It seems only fair that parents should be included in this hard question–so what do you think? In a maximum of four sentences, what do you think our school is about and what should our aspirations be?
I have given it a lot of thought as I walked the dog and mucked out the stable-it’s good to be distracted from that task! My personal feeling is that our statement should include the following elements:
That the school is an integral part of the community
We are inclusive
We all strive to give of our best–that’s the girl guide in me
We hope to equip children with experiences and skills for life and work
What would you add, take out, argue with……………
I will gather and collate the responses from all parties this week and let you know.
Have a good week-only three to go.
Lindy Lynn