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Head Teacher’s Blog

January 21st 2012 Preparing for the Burns Supper at Humbie turned my thoughts to what it means to be Scottish. Now that could open up a huge variety of discussions. An English friend of mine would describe a ceilidh as “men in kilts engaged in tribal dancing”. I saw a vast array of men in […]

Head Teacher’s Blog: Stormy Weather

January 15th 2012 I walked the dog at Butterdean Woods at Gladsmuir this morning. Parts of the wood were cordoned off because of the storm damage from early January. One area at the west side of the woods had lost about 20 Scots Pines. I wasn’t sure if they had knocked each other over in […]

Headteacher’s Blog

January 9th 2012 Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope you have had a restful and healthy holiday and are ready for the rigours of the term to come. It is tempting to start the year with thoughts of resolutions, but as they often smack of failed intentions from the previous year, I thought […]