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more excitement about kingswood

After the kingswood information night everyone is as excited as ever as we now know who we are sharing a dorm with. We are all excited about our activities (i’m looking forward to the quad biking).by Gabriel

Next Parent Council Meeting Thursday 19th April 2012 at 7pm

Agenda – click here to view 19th April 2012

News Update

Final News Update March 2012.pdf2  Click here to read our latest news.

kingswood is nearing!!!

As the month of april surges towards us every body is looking forward to sliding those zipslides and sleeping with their friends we just cant wait! by Gabriel  

Kingswood camp

I’am really looking forward to going to Kingswood camp. By Niall


Saltoun Primary are starting there easter holiday on the 30th of march 2012. Every one is very exited about it . Most people are going on holiday or having relitives coming.  By Felix


On monday we had a Easter egg hunt. we had to get two maching cards to get a Easter egg hunt it was really fun and hard. Luckily evryone got a egg.  By Ewan M

loads of letters

P.4-7 wrote letters to the swimming coaches saying thank-you for teaching us how to swim properly. by Eloise & RYAN

kingswood parent evening

kingswood parents evening is wednesday the 28th of march 2012 by murdo and sascha

kingswood comeing up

It is not long now before p4/7 go to camp. All the staff and pupils are very excited and are counting down ONLY 3 OR 4 WEEKS LEFT 🙂 yeeaaaahhh by Naomi Brunton