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boring grammar

We did grammar 22/3/12 BOOOOORIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Niall and Murdo


At break time on the 21.3.12 most of the school were rolling down the hill on the rampage! Some people were even doing the barrel run from total wipeout with real people! By Ross and Ewan


We are doing maths with Mrs RIchie and pie chats. By Sascha


On the 21st of March p5,6&7 went to Rugby with michel. We were split into two groups Naomi & me (Sarah) went and joined with the girls from Ormiston. A girl called Zoey was joint fastest with me we were the only two fast enough to get past the other teams. We did that while […]

What i did

Yesterday me and p5,6,7 went to Ross High rugby pitch to a rugby tournament . Sarah and I were with Ormiston Primary because there were only the 2 girls so the boys went in a team and we played against St Martins and more people. Orimston won most of the games because Sarah scored the […]

My Wonderful Teacher

Mrs Currie is the best teacher in the world because she let’s us do things we love to do.