Saltoun Primary School

Sciene Report Wednesday

What p1/2 did on science HATS 

P1/2   made spiders in a web to learn about vibrations. Then they planted tomato seeds to help them learn about plants. Later that day Mrs daily help the p1/2 make optical illusions and explored lots of different animations. After that  they used the force to knock humpty dumpty when they were finished  they did a plant survey. At the end they made balloon powered vehicles they said it was great fun.


On Wednesday the nursery had a bubbly bloom day.  Which is a day when you make bubbles and make a yeasty bloom. They made a yeast bloom with a bottle, some yeast, a balloon and air. They also made small bubbles, and big bubbles in the garden. They thought it was great fun and hope to do it again.

Hats day

Eight people from  the Edinburgh University  came to Saltoun .They took the classes told them about science and showed us  some stuff about chemistry. We also did some activities with Mrs Birrle, Mrs Ritchie and some of the other teachers.

By Dylan ,Sarah and Naomi

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