Head Teacher’s Blog- April 22nd

Well, week 1 in and 10 more to go! There are many comments about teachers and holidays and I cannot deny that I enjoy mine hugely and always know how far away the next one is. However the reason we have been counting out the weeks of the Summer term already is that there is so much to cram in to this term, which is relatively short because of the timing of Easter- which you all know falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Vernal equinox- so is therefore a movable feast.
We hope to achieve much this term and the most important element is to round off the planned learning for the year. But also, due to circumstances outwith our control, we will be celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee- both schools are contributing to community events. Of course we will get the maximum benefit from this if the children understand why it is happening and a little of the history of our present monarchy.
Then there’s the Olympics- if Seb Coe had asked me about timing, I might have advised splitting the two events. However, we will at least be able to use the Union Jack bunting for both events!
The older children are off to camp for a week- and may well require another to recover. Then there’s Meadowbank sports, rugby festival, golf lessons, our own sports day- (21st June at Humbie), end of term assemblies and show, profiles to go out for the last time, classes to be finalised for next year…………….
You can see that it is a busy and full term ahead of us. The events I have mentioned are often as taxing for you the parents (who have to provide the right costume/sportskit/homebaking as well as turn up at the requisite time); the children (who, with lighter nights and hopefully better weather are outside more, and are increasingly tired and perhaps concerned about moving on to a new class; and staff, who may have to dig deep for reserves of energy and resilience to last till the end of June (and none of them are getting any younger!!).
My point in all of this is just to remind us all (myself included) not to get too tied up with schedules and deadlines. This is perhaps the best time of the year in terms of weather and countryside and we do need to occasionally stop and smell the flowers, enjoy where we are and what we are doing and just enjoy the moment. When I come out of Saltoun at night and look over towards the Garletons or come out of Humbie and look over Shilling Hill at the Lammermuirs, I realise how lucky I am to work where I do and live where I live.
I hope we can achieve all we want this term, but I hope we don’t lose sight of what’s important and valuable. If we seem to be focussing like Linford Christie on a finish line, please give us a nudge and remind us to enjoy the moment.
Lindy Lynn